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Comprehensive Search

Pan-India Litigation search.

2 Factor Authentication

Multiple authentication to provide most accurate results.

API Integration

Tested API integration to provide reports real-time.

Largest database of litigation records

400 crore+ records & 10 lakh+ records added daily.

BPR Detail

What is BPR?

Borrower Profile Report (BPR) is a comprehensive, real-time litigation report on your prospective borrower that will help you to mitigate litigation risk and filter stressed borrowers, with their complete litigation information.

Why BPR?

India has around 3.5 crore pending litigations and around 1 crore+ are added every year, these cases run in 1 lakh+ courts/forums/tribunals and more are added every year. With the complex judicial structure, it is virtually impossible to conduct a litigation search on Company or Individual on Pan-India, real-time basis to know about current pending as well as disposed cases.

To solve this issue, our state of the art proprietary engine “Legalcubes” aggregates the unstructured data from all the online courts/forums/tribunals and uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide the most relevant results from a database of over 250 crore records and 10 lakh fresh records added daily.

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