Signals List

Credit Bureau data

Analytics from the Bureau information and bringing in all the information at one place.

Property info from ROP

Details on property along with Documents from ROP with pricing analytics.

Stock Market updates

Listed companies STOCK price update daily.

News feed with sentiment analysis

Scans 60,000+ Sources on dilay basis & provide news on know the market news on your borrower

MCA ROC Updates

Company information, Analytics, New Loan / Directors Change alerts & Cross-Directorship company risks

Why Signals?

Signals is a real-time monitoring tool with an analytical dashboard that helps companies to get insights and updates to track active borrowers by discovering early signs of defaulting. Signals helps our customers to identify accounts that require urgent notice, streamline workflows and take actions.

Its coverage includes Litigation updates, Statutory/Wilful/Utility defaults, MCA RoC Updates (For registered companies), News updates with sentiment analysis etc. and is agile enough to add more data sources to be monitored

You can discover information on : -Public Limited, Private Limited Companies -Partnership & Proprietor firms -Individuals (Directors/Owners/Guarantors/Others) -Assets (Immovable Assets)

From Case Registrations to Judgements Digitalized Case Data