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Enterprise Legal Management and ediscovery Legal Technology solutions.

About 11 years of disrupting Legal Technology space with 7 Products/SAAS Solutions, implemented across 500+ BFSI, Large Enterprises and Consulting pan-India. Our Products/Services have assisted Banks/NBFC/FIs in saving Rs. 5,000 Crores in potential high-risk borrower lending and provided ROI within 1 Year of Implementation of our software solutions.

Cubictree is the only company in India to do a real time litigation search with high risk cases categorization on the basis of Name, Pan, Address across Pan-India Courts:

Cubictree provides Real-Time DEEP Litigation Data Analytics & Risk Identification Solutions from Largest UNSTRUCTURED Litigation Data in India. With simple, structured and analytical inputs to your fingertips from a database of 250 crore+ litigation records (with 10 lakh+ added daily), we make it easy for any user to use litigation information and take high quality decisions.

11 Years of Experience in Legal Tech

Convert Bad Debts to Recoverable Assets


45 +


1 Cr +

NPA Accounts Managed

2 Cr +

NPA Legal Action Performed on platform

1K +


BFSI Offerings

Customer Acquisition Stage

  • Pre-approval Document Collection
    Physical collection Digital collection
  • Pre-lending Due-diligence
    Document verification Field investigation KYC + Video KYC Litigation check MCA /ROC check
  • Post-approval Document Collection
    Document verification Field investigation KYC + Video KYC Litigation check MCA /ROC check
  • Risk Monitoring
    Litigation monitoring Financial Data monitoring MCA ROC monitoring News monitoring
  • Litigation & Recovery Mgmt
    Document verification Field investigation KYC + Video KYC Litigation check MCA /ROC check
  • Debt collection Mgmt
    Predictive calling Field agent for physical visit Skip tracing Automated/Physical collection

NPA & Recovery Management

Product Portfolio

We are Industry Agnostic :BFSI | Corporates| Lawfirms

LMS - Overview

Cubictree Banking Litigation & Recovery solution or Litigation management system (LMS) covers the work-flows required to manage complex judicial structures and stages of variety of cases types, recovery proceeding, multi-lingual outputs, MIS & reporting formats.

The solution also integrates with Core Banking System (CBS)/Loan Management solution(LMS) to generate recovery buckets and next steps to be taken by Legal & Recovery team.

  • Single platform to Manage Notices and cases
  • Configurable system to define workflow for various types of case & notices
  • Timely Alerts & Escalation mechanism
  • Captures customer and account related info from Loan management System
  • Expense management module to track litigation expenses
  • Elaborate and flexible MIS tool

Cubictree e-Contract Lifecycle Management enables you to effectively manage the various stages of contracting right from contract creation through its execution. With our e-contract manager, analyze contracts at all levels, maximize operational and financial performance and minimize the perpetual risks which may occur as a result of inability to view performance trends of multiple contracts managed by your firm. Cubictree e-Contract Manager pans the entire Life Cycle of a contract from authoring, negotiation, approval to storing / repository,compliance management and renewal / termination.

In addition our e-Contract Manager provides you with flexible reporting and supplier performance tracking.Implementing. CLM can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency. Understanding and automating CLM can also limit organizational liability and increase compliance with legal requirements.

CaseTrack - Your Real-Time court case tracker: Solution Features
  • Online dashboard for tracking progress of all specified matters
  • Real time regular updates on upcoming hearing dates and matter status
  • Discovery of new matters Monthly
  • Mapping of all stakeholders from branches, regional offices and corporate office
  • Sending alerts and reminders (email) to stakeholders for necessary action on new hearing dates & status updates
Borrower Profile Report (BPR)

Borrower Profile report (BPR) is an accurate, real-time, pan-India, comprehensive report of current pending as well as disposed cases (Litigation) across the online courts, tribunals etc.

Litigation check in the pre-lending is a future-proof way to manage NPA, as any damaging litigation against the borrower might affect its future repayment capacity.

Manually checking the litgation can be cumbersome and time consuming and there is a possibility of missing out some information.

Our AI & ML based search engine ‘Legalcubes’
  • Covers all the courts without slippage
  • Reduce the time to discover the litigation by 99%

This report is available for any borrower type i.e. Limited, Private Limited, LLP, Companies, Partnership & Proprietor firms, Trusts, HUF, Assets & Individuals etc.

Detailed MCA reports:

A detailed MCA report gives an in-depth information about any MCA registered company that can be used to do a financial and other health check during the credit underwriting stage

A Detailed MCA Report covers
  • Company & Financial (P&L statement, cash flow statement etc.) highlights
  • Borrowings & Charges, Downloadable Charges Document
  • Schedules Break-up
  • Details of Directors & Auditors, subsidiaries
  • Cross-directorship and Related Party Information
  • Reducing the effort required in collating, formatting and deciphering all the information
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use comprehensive and structured format
  • Quick turn-around time

SIGNALS is a post-lending real-time, 360⁰ borrower monitoring dashboard that can be used to discover, access and track vital insights on your borrower, and help reduce the Credit & Default risk.

  • It analyses billions of records from a very large number of sources to give a complete view of a borrower health at a single place.
  • Delivers Real-time triggers on Legal liabilities (across all courts & tribunals etc.), important news, new loan charges, change in directorship, wilful defaulter, bankruptcy and other liabilities etc.
  • Provides useful Litigation, Financial and other information on your borrower thereby providing early warning signals about your existing borrower
  • Monitor information on Companies (Limited, Private Limited, LLP etc.), Partnership & Proprietor firms, Trusts & HUF etc.
  • Assess your risk with data from multiple sources and then take proactive measures
Cubictree Smart

Cubictree Smart is a web based online Platform designed for automating Law firm/advocate routine business with a very simple and intuitive interface. CubictreeSmart will effectively manage Law firm/Lawyer Litigation portfolio on a sophisticatedonline Platform with an easy to access Android and IOS mobile app. Cubictree Smart is 360º Law practice management suite which manage appointments, tasks, deadlines, memos and give a detailed MIS.

Pre-approval-Document Collection
  • Physical collection
  • Digital collection
Document Verification
  • Seen & Verified
  • OCR
  • Face Match

Field Investigation
  • Govt ID
  • Bank A/C
  • Video KYC
Property Due-Diligence

We launched an end to end property due diligence platform called PropAI in collaboration with technology partners and different data partners,with a goal to streamline and create a transparent,faster and centralized property due diligence platform.

Harness the power of Cubictree

100000 + Sources Track Daily
150000 + Records Added Daily
100000 + Companies Analysed
50000 + Individuals
50000 + Discovery Emails Delivered
300 + CoTrack Accounts

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